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Valley League Roundups for Sting PW1
by posted 09/21/2019

Week ending September 8th:

Mike Martin scored four goals, Hunter Ciuture also wore a hat, adding an assists, and Josh Crotty had a goal and two assists in North Central’s big win over Needham

Week ending September 15th:

Justin Hawke scored twice, Henry McBethJosh Crotty and James Williams all clicked for 1-1-2 and Mike Martin had two assists in North Central’s 9-1 victory over NH East

Week ending September 22nd:

Player of the Week: North Central’s Hunter Couture delivered seven goals and two assists in a pair of victories.

North Central won twice in the Central. Hunter Couture wore the hat and had two assists, Tyler Orcutt scored one goal and handed out three assists and Jack McCrillis also wore a hat in a big win over North Andover – and Couture scored four goals, Caleb Hurley had 2-1-3, Mike Martin 1-1-2 and Liam Gregg pitched a shutout in a 7-0 triumph over Twin City;

Week ending October 6th:

Hunter Couture delivered three assists, Tyler Orcutt scored twice and Justin Hawke posted 1-1-2 as North Central trimmed Hollis 5-3

Week ending November 3rd:

Justin Hawke scored four goals and Jack McCrillis had two assists in North Central’s 8-1 victory over Watertown; Mike Whitman, who also had an assist, scored what turned out to be the winner with 9:13 left, and Dipersio scored twice as the Revs trimmed North Central 4-2 – Josh Crotty with both goals in the loss

Week ending November 17th:

Collin Holbrook, who also had an assist, and Jonas Carpenter scored 27 seconds apart early in the third period and Ben Glanville scored twice as the Crusaders edged North Central 4-3 – Tyler Orcutt and Hunter Couture with 1-1-2 in the loss;  Couture wore a late natural hat, James Williams dished out three assists and Jack McCrillis scored twice in North Central’s 6-3 win over the Crusaders – Carpenter with 1-1-2 in the loss.

Week ending December 1st:

Josh Crotty posted 2-1-3 and James Williams had two assists as North Central topped the Railers 7-4 – John Peter Bowler with two goals and Austin Dono two assists in the loss;

Week ending December 8th:

In the South, Mike Martin handed out four assists, Josh Crotty wore the hat and Hunter Couture and Tyler Orcutt both posted 1-1-2 in North Central’s 9-5 victory over the Edge

Week ending December 15th:

Hollis and the Crusaders have both won twice in the South. Taran Bauer scored with 44.3 seconds left to give Hollis a 5-4 decision over North central, Christian Nawn with 2-1-3 in the win and Hunter Couture 1-1-2 in the loss

Week ending December 29th:

Josh Crotty wore the hat and Tyler Orcutt scored twice in North Central’s 6-2 victory over NH East

Week ending January 5th:

North Central, Everett/Revere and Hollis all won twice in the South. Hunter Couture scored two goals and set up another, James Williams posted a goal and two assists and Jack McCrillis also had two assists in North Central’s 7-4 victory over Assabet, Angelina Che with two goals in the loss – Justin Hawke had 2-1-3, Mike Quinn posted 1-2-3, Tyler Orcutt scored twice, McCrillis and Josh Crotty both had 1-1-2 and Liam Gregg pitched a shutout in a big win over Newton

Week ending January 12th:

The Revs won twice in the South. Gilbert Prepetit scored the winner in the second period in a 4-3 decision over North Central, Justin Hawke with 1-1-2 in the loss 

Week ending January 19th:

In the South, Josh Crotty scored five goals, Hunter Couture scored two goals and handed out three assists, Henry McBeth also scored twice, James Williams posted 1-1-2 and Tyler Orcutt two assists in North Central’s big win over Wakefield;

Week ending January 26th:

James Williams had 1-1-2 and Mike Martin two assists as North Central downed Masco 6-3

Week ending February 2nd:

Hunter Couture scored twice, Josh Crotty had two assists and Liam Gregg pitched a shutout in North Central’s 6-0 win over Assabet

Week ending February 9th:

Hunter Couture had two goals and an assist as North Central trimmed Masco 3-1

Week ending February 16th:

North Central won three times in the South. Hunter Couture wore the hat, Josh Crotty scored twice in 38 seconds and James Williams had 1-1-2 in a 6-3 victory over Hollis, Christian Nawn with 2-1-3 in the loss; Justin Hawke had 1-2-3, Couture scored twice, Williams had 1-1-2 and Liam Gregg the shutout in a 5-0 win over Winchester – and Couture scored twice and Hawke and Williams both posted 1-1-2 in a 5-2 triumph over Winchester;

Week ending February 23rd:

North Central won three times and Assabet had a win and a tie in the South. Hunter Couture scored four goals and snapped a 2-2 tie 25 seconds into the third period and Mike Martin dished out three assists in North Central’s 5-2 victory over Winchester, Liam Connelly with both goals in the loss; Justin Hawke scored two third-period goals in 1:23 and Jack McCrillis had two assists in a 3-2 decision over Melrose – and Martin scored one goal and handed out three assists, James Williams and Couture both posted 2-1-3 and Hawke had 1-2-3 in an 8-3 win over Hollis

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