Tuition Policy

NCMYH Tuition Policy

Tuition Policy  

North Central Mass Youth Hockey (NCMYH) is a local, unaffiliated, Town League Hockey Club, serving the Greater Gardner area.

As a Non-Profit Organization, the NCMYH has always striven to be a low-cost, high quality youth hockey club. We are proudly not "Pay-to-Play", meaning everyone who skates with our club - plays the game and does not ride the bench. We always have room for your player somewhere in our organization. This cannot be said for other hockey clubs in our area.

We operate a very no-frills hockey club, with minimal fundraising, no extra costs, with quality programming which includes our Regular Season Hockey (House Hockey/Travel Hockey), Developmental Programs (Learn to Skate/Learn to Hockey), Mite ADM, FREE Clinics for Skaters & Goalies, FREE Summer Skate Programs, and our FREE Girls Grow Hockey Program.

To offer this, we must maintain a balanced budget that requires each family to pay their tuition on a timely basis. As a non-profit organization, we must fully recover the costs associated with the program.  

To this end, a Tuition/Payment Policy has been developed to reduce NCMYH's risk associated with the non-payment and/or delinquent payment of tuition fees, and assist to alleviate the administrative/cost burden related to the collection of tuition fees.

We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization. As a tight knit group of families and friends, the Board of Directors has recognized that those individuals who volunteer their time, energy, and love for the sport - should not have to collect tuition from Friends, Family, and other Coaches/Volunteers working with the organization. This applies to all Coaches, Board Members and Volunteers.

In general, tuition has been established to ensure that NCMYH covers all the costs associated with operating the program.  A few of the costs associated with operating the program include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ice Time for Practice, Skills & Games
  • League Fees
  • Referees & Scorekeepers
  • Pucks & Equipment
  • Merchant Account Fees
  • Annual Audit Fees
  • Website
  • Other Administrative Costs

Outstanding Tuition Balances

NO player will be permitted to try out or evaluate for the upcoming season unless all tuition and/or fees from the previous season have been paid in full for both that player or any sibling.  There will be no exceptions made to this policy.

Tuition Payment Collection Policy

As per Board of Directors approval, Effective May, 2022 - North Central Mass Youth Hockey will mandate automatic scheduled payments to a credit card or ACH profile for all on-ice activities that have a fee.

For programs that require a fee or tuition: The registration for these programs will require credit card or ACH payment information to be provided through our secure online payment system at the time of registration. The provided payment method will be charged accordingly based on the payment schedule outlined in the registration. Please note, the credit card or ACH profile information is not visible to any member of the NCMYH including the Treasurer, this information is securely stored with, maintaining our online integrated payments system. 


The new website allows for ANY authorized contact to make tuition payments/edits for a players/participant registration.

Regardless of which contact (Primary or Additional) makes a tuition modification for a player's registration, the ultimate responsibility is the Primary Account / contact. NCMYH is not responsible for maintaining these contacts, modifying payment methods, or verifying the payment method is up-to-date/valid.

It is Primary Contact responsibility to maintain and keep up-to-date all payment methods for a players registration. If an additional contact's payment method is not valid for any reason, the Primary Account holder is responsible for payment.

Late Payments/Declined Payments

If any payment is declined or does not go through for ANY reason, the Treasurer has the discretion to prohibit players participation in on-ice activities. The Treasurer will notify the Executive Board and will involve the Board of Directors if necessary.

Refund Policy

Any player wishing to withdraw from NCMYH after his or her tuition has been paid in full, must do so in writing, to the NCMYH Board of Directors.  

Tuition refund requests will be granted on an individual case by case basis.  Upon receiving this written request, the player’s withdrawal date will be established.  Tuition refund requests will be considered only upon written request to the NCMYH Board of Directors for cases of illness and/or injury that prohibit the player from participating in the sport of ice hockey for the balance of the hockey season.

Without exception no refund will be granted for Evaluation fees and/or registration deposits/commitments for Hockey Programs as all are deemed non-refundable.  

We fully understand youth hockey is expensive and life throws us curves, however, it is your responsibility to communicate and work with us to ensure your payments are made on a timely basis.

We are proud to be a "Family" hockey club in our region. NCMYH is committed to matching the effort given by our Parents to resolve unexpected financial hardships.

North Central Mass Youth Hockey - Board of Directors

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