Mite ADM

NCMYH Sting's Mite ADM represents cross-ice hockey and stands as a pivotal element within USA Hockey's American Development Model (ADM), designed specifically for the advancement of young players in hockey programs. It involves modifying the playing surface and game format to create age-appropriate learning environments for young players. Cross-ice hockey divides the rink into smaller sections, allowing young players to engage in more puck touches, skill development, and increased participation. It promotes fun, skill development, and a positive experience for young hockey players.

There are four main tenets to age-appropriate, age-specific hockey:

  1. More Puck Time
  2. Smaller spaces mean more opportunity for a player to touch the puck – and ultimately improve their skills.
  3. Age-Appropriate Training
  4. By scaling the ice to their level, children are more involved, more engaged and developing their skills more efficiently.
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Because multiple teams share the ice, parents save on ice time costs.
  7. Increased Competition
  8. A smaller ice surface makes players of all skill levels think and act quicker, resulting in more frequent battles for the puck and hockey decision-making.

Mite ADM focuses on skill development, and most of the children are just out of Learn to Skate program so the focus will be on skating and the hockey aspect of the game. 

The coaches make teams to be competitive and may be adjusted throughout the season if needed as player skill levels change.


Mite ADM is a cross-ice program for learn-to-skate graduates aged 5 to 8 (Birth Years: 2015-2018).


Our Mite ADM season has two separate 10-week sessions. The first session begins in November and runs 10 weeks into Jan. Our second Session picks up in January and runs into late March.


Games are cross-ice on Sundays at 8 am or 9 am (schedules to be posted) at the Winchendon School.

The coaches run games; all games are cross-ice, with no refs


Practices are on Saturdays at 3:30 pm in Gardner.

All practices are run by one group of kids on the ice, with the rink divided into four zones.



Jerseys are provided and returned at the end of the session.

2023-2024 MITE ADM SESSION 1

Mite ADM is a cross-ice hockey program for learn-to-skate graduates who are primarily aged 5 to 8 (Birth Years: 2015-2018)

Session 1 runs for 10 weeks, from mid-October into January.

2023-2024 MITE ADM SESSION 2

NCMYH Sting's Mite ADM represents cross-ice hockey for learn-to-skate graduates who are primarily

Session 2 runs for 10 weeks beginning in Early January

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