New Website FAQ

Question: How is the website different from before?

The new website is different in several significant ways.

  1. Families have a primary account versus individual parent logins as before. This log in is responsible for creating a) Participant Profiles for each Player and b) Additional Parents/Guardian Contacts for each Participant player.
  2. Each Registration for the player has its own Payment Method associated with the Primary Login. Payment methods can be Credit/Debit Card or ACH Profile.
  3. The Mobile application now has "Family Calendar" which includes all Participant Player schedules together on one calendar for the family.
  4. Teams now have a "Team Page" which is administered by the Head Coach. Messages, schedules, and contact information specific to the team are all found on the "Team Page"

Question: What is a Primary Account, and what is it used for?

The Primary Account can be considered the "Family Account" or the primary contact for the family. It has one parents/guardian name, and one primary payment method for all tuition(s) in the family.

  1. Primary Accounts can ADD more players or "Participant" profiles for every player skating with Sting Hockey.
  2. Primary Accounts can have multiple Payment Methods - either Credit/Debit card(s) or ACH (online Checking account(s).
  3. Primary Accounts can ADD additional Parents/Guardians, Grandparents, etc. Primary accounts administer these additional contacts and can also remove them if they wish.
  4. Primary Accounts can EDIT any scheduled Tuition payment they want. At registration, all tuition payments use the Primary Payment method, but they can add more payment methods and use it for any scheduled tuition payment. In other words - parents can mix and match Credit Card/ACH at any point for any tuition payment.
  5. Primary Accounts can Register and Un-register players into and out of programs. Refunds are on a case by case basis and are under the discression of the Treasurer and Board decision in some cases. See our Tuition Policy for more information. Do NOT un-register a player before speaking with our Treasurer and Registrar first, refunds may not be available for your players program.

Question: How do I ADD Additional Parents & Family? What access does additional Contacts have for a player?

Additional Accounts can be created by the Primary Account holder.

  1. Click on the Players Profile (index card icon below the photo)
  2. Click on ADD ACCOUNT
  3. Enter the Additional Accounts email address.

An email invite will be sent, and that person can then follow the link and join the website with their own Username/Password. They will be associated with that Player. Check the spam folder if they did not get it. So far - the system has been very reliable and emailed invites have worked every time.

Additional contacts include Parents/Guardians or whomever the Primary Contact trusts and invites to have access to player profiles.

  1. Additional Contacts can SEE and make Tuition Payments. Contacts cannot see or modify CC/ACH information that is not their own!
  2. Additional Contacts can see Schedules, and communicate with the team through the Mobile app or team page.
  3. Additional Contacts can have the "Family Calendar" and see the any player that the Primary gives them access to. The Primary contact must add the additional parent/guardian/family for each player in the family.
  4. Additional Contacts cannot un-register players from a program.

Questions: How do I update my Payment Method for my child's tuition?

Parents/Guardians/Family who have been invited to be additional contacts all have access to tuition payments. To update/edit a tuition payment do the following:

  1. Go to Participants (Player) Profile page
  2. Scroll down to Registration History and find this seasons Registration - Click "View Details"
  3. You will see all Tuition payments for this program. You have the option to add either a Credit Card/Debit Card or ACH Profile (Online Banking Transfer)
  4. IMPORTANT: All Tuition payments are CHECKED by default ( on the left side). To select just one tuition payment to modify, un-check all of them and check JUST the payment you want to pay.
  5. Click "Update Payment Method at the bottom of the page to make the change.

This can be done by ANY authorized contact for the player/participant.

Payments will be charged at the date identified for that payment.

To MODIFY the Automatic Scheduled Payment DATE, contact the and they will make the change for you if its appropriate. ALL Tuition modifications are up to the discretion of the Treasurer.


Regardless of which contact (Primary or Additional) makes a tuition modification for a player's registration, the ultimate responsibility for payment defaults to the Primary Account Payment Method. NCMYH is not responsible for maintaining these contacts, modifying payment methods, or verifying the payment method is up-to-date/valid.

Where do I get the App for my phone? How come it has nothing but a gray screen?

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android and The App Store for IPhone available.

Once your player has registered for a program and is on a team, the application will allow you to select your players Team Page. The screen is gray because either your player has not been placed on a team, or the Primary Contact for the player has not invited you to have access. Have them invite you as an Additional Contact from the players profile page.

How do I reach someone at NCMYH?

EMAIL: You can send an email to, which is our general email for the club.

President -

Treasurer -

Board of Directors:

Website -



PO Box 212

Gardner, MA 01440





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