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NCMYH Game Jerseys are required at all levels of Travel Hockey.

Mite - Parents are required to purchase Black home jerseys, but NCMYH provides Yellow 'Away' jerseys free of charge. If you already own a Black game jersey, then there is no need to purchase one again.

Squirt, PeeWee, Bantam, & Midget level travel hockey require both Black home jerseys, and Yellow away jerseys. If you are new to any of these programs, you are required to purchase both Home and Away jerseys to play with NCMYH-Sting.

Our move to Dye Sublimated Jerseys

Beginning in the 2023-2024 season, NCMYH is switching to Dye-Sublimated Jerseys and away from the heaver knit jerseys.

In the last number of years, NCMYH has taken steps to modernize our club access and communication (New Website, Credit Card Processing), club branding and marketing (, Twitter, & Instagram), club administration (updating our Evaluation processes, new registrations) and club Player development (new training equipment, better clinics and training).

Moving to Dye Sublimated jerseys and updating our uniform is just a continuation of our modernization as a Youth Hockey Club.

Additionally, making this transition to dye-sublimation allows us to finally make our Home and Away uniform match! We are finally making the Yellow jersey graphically match the Black home design.

What is Dye-Sublimation?

Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the entire design of the jersey is directly infused into the fabric. Everything from the colors of the jersey, the striping, logos, numbers and player names become part of the fabric. 

Sublimation jerseys start out as digital designs - created on graphic design apps. Next, the design is printed on paper - in life size - using large format printers. The printed design is then pressed on to the fabric at high temperature and pressure. The heat and pressure convert the design into gas, which then bonds with the molecules on the fabric. Finally, the fabric panels are sewn together to create the finished jersey. 

There are several reasons why NCMYH is making this transition.

  • Lighter weight allows players more maneuverability.
  • Moisture Wicking materials dry faster and have less odor.
  • Local Resource - NCMYH continues our commitment to the community we serve and has contracted with Johns Sports Shop to supply us with these new jerseys.
  • Small batch Ordering mean faster turnaround for replacement jerseys. This means that jersey prices remain consistent with no added fees.
  • Sublimated Jerseys are silky smooth and have an athletic 'feel' to them.

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